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The Spring Equinox is the first day of the spring season which is March 20th. The sun passes the equator moving from the southern to the northern hemisphere. On this day, day and night are approximately the same lengths. This is a great time to do a fast to usher in the new season. The Spring Equinox is about rebirth and a new beginning. The winter season is about slowing down, resting, and reflecting which supports us in building up the energy to prepare to plant new seeds in our lives. The Slower season of winter has supported us with making our soil fertile to plant our new seeds in.

I am hosting another 5-day raw vegan challenge for the Spring Equinox to usher in the new season. The spring is all about rebirth and planting seeds for things you would like to manifest. This challenge is great for resetting the mind, body, and spirit. The challenge will be from March 15th-19th. 

This challenge is for you if:

-You are focused on healing yourself on all 4 levels (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional)

-You are ready to be committed to your health journey

-You are a self-starter

-You are curious and want to take on the challenge

You will have access to the challenge for one week after the challenge is over.

What is included:

-LaToya presents video each day of challenge with a specific focus


-10+ videos with tips

-Access to new food demos before I release to public

Plus More

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